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Are you in the market to either replace an existing fence or add a new fence to your home? If so, you probably have quite a few questions and you don’t know where to begin! Franklin Fence and Deck is here to help and answer any questions you may have! We have a few tips for choosing the right fence for your home in the Franklin/Brentwood area!


The first question associated with adding a fence to your home is …. Yep. You guessed it. Cost!


Cost. It is virtually impossible to give you a quote without looking at your home first! There are so many variables to consider: What material are you using? The total footage, height & picket space all play a factor in how much your fence will cost. Call Franklin Fence and Deck for a free estimate!


What type of fence should I choose? That is a question that we can’t decide for you! You have to decide the look you’re going for, how much you want to spend, how much maintenance you want to perform on it, etc. Aluminum fencing is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and a good alternative to the black wrought iron fence that everyone loves the look of! While a wrought iron fence is gorgeous, the continued maintenance to keep your fence up is not for everyone. Metal rusts… so keep that in mind if you’re looking at an iron fence! With aluminum fencing from Franklin Fence and Deck, there is no maintenance! No sanding, priming, or painting. Just a beautiful fence that is virtually maintenance free!


A wood fence seems to be the cheapest route, right? Generally speaking, the initial cost of a wood fence IS cheaper, but think long term. Say, 10 years.


I have a steep backyard. Can I still use an aluminum fence? Of course! Franklin Fence and Deck specializes in aluminum fencing so we have answers to every “problem” you throw at us! We use the method called racking. In the rack method of fencing, specially designed fence panels are used to construct a fence that is visually appealing, secure and simple to install.


Aluminum fence from Franklin Fence and Deck


The rocky terrain in Tennessee is no match for Franklin Fence and Deck! Give us a call today at 615-790-8428 for a free estimate! We would love to work with you creating a beautiful fence for your backyard!


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