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Fencing in a property can be one of the wisest decisions a homeowner can make for their home. A fence not only looks great and has fantastic utility (keeping pets in and unwanted visitors out), but it also increases the value of your home. Adding a fence to your home is a great all-around decision. Check out the top three elements your need to consider in our fences materials guide!


However, sometimes homeowners stumble a bit in the initial stages because there are lots of issues that need to be addressed and the task can seem daunting. One of the biggest stumbling blocks is choosing the right fence material for your home. Luckily, Franklin Fence and Deck is here to help.


There are THREE elements you need to consider in your material selection:


  1. Maintenance
  2. Look
  3. Price

Maintenance is incredibly important to consider. There are two prices for your fence, the initial cost (installation and project cost) and then the cost over time (repairs, repainting, etc.). When it comes to keeping your fence free from damage and looking nice, certain materials are better than others. For example, aluminum is one of the least labor-intensive fence materials available. You can set it up the way you want and not have to worry about it for years. Vinyl is also one of the easier materials to maintain. Wrought iron tends to be harder to maintain than aluminum and wood fences exceed all types of fencing for its maintenance needs. Each material has a virtue or vice in maintenance and it’s important to understand the type of maintenance that will be required with the material you choose.


Look is subjective but can be one of the most important factors to consider!


Price must always be considered (Both initial price and maintenance price)! For instance, while aluminum is not the cheapest material to use for a fence, it does not require much maintenance, meaning it will actually save you not only money but time as well in the long run. On the other hand, wood is one of the cheapest materials to use initially, but its high maintenance requirements end up costing more money. Do you want to spend less up front and more later? Or viceversa? 



Here at Franklin Fence and Deck, we have the know how to help you decide which option is BEST for you and your home! Contact us at 615-790-8428 for a free in home estimate.


Be sure to visit us HERE for our exclusive special offers and discounts!


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