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If you’re thinking of remodeling your home this year, the amount of money you’re likely to recoup on home improvements is on the rise! Franklin Fence and Deck is locally owned and operated in Franklin, TN. We are the oldest fencing and decking contractor in the county. If you’re looking to add a deck onto your home, you’ll see that it is the second highest ranked home improvement job that will give you your money back over the years!


The top 10 home improvement jobs of 2014:



  • Front door replacement. For example, a midrange steel door (one with a glass panel), costs approximately $1,162 and adds $1,122 to your home’s value; 96.6% of the cost.
  • A wooden deck addition. Deck prices vary based on size, material, etc. Franklin Fence and Deck has you covered!
  • Siding replacement. Replacing your old wood or vinyl siding with fiber-cement siding will vastly improve your homes’ worth. Also, factory-primed and painted fiber-cement siding should last 25 years with little maintenance.
  • Converting your attic into a bedroom. That’s not something you think of everyday, is it? The survey showed renovating unused attic space into an additional bedroom brought the value of a home up significantly.
  • Garage door replacement. Like an entry door, replacing a garage door can greatly increase your home’s attractiveness
  • Minor kitchen remodeling. A minor kitchen remodel typically includes items such as new cabinet faces and hardware as well as new counter tops, flooring and appliances.
  • Window replacement. Consider new windows if yours are drafty, warped, won’t open or won’t stay open. Changing your windows will save you money on your energy bill, but not enough to constitute replacing your windows solely for gaining energy efficiency.
  • Finishing your basement. Like converting an attic space into a bedroom, finishing a basement has the advantage of utilizing a space that is already part of your home’s footprint, so you eliminate structural costs while adding value.
  • Partial bathroom remodeling. A mid-range remodeling project adds items such as new vanities and countertops, mirrors, a medicine chest and maybe replacing the toilet and doing a new tub surround.
  • Adding a second story. Okay so this one isn’t for the faint of heart! Adding a second floor is definitely a hefty home renovation, but for homeowners who are attached to their location, property or home itself, it’s a viable option to add more square feet to your home!



Whether you want to add a wooden deck to your home or an arbor to your backyard, Franklin Fence and Deck is your solution. We serve all of Middle Tennessee including Nashville, Brentwood and Franklin. Contact us today at 615-790-8428 for your free estimate. Be sure to visit us HERE for our special offers and exclusive discounts! Also, “Like” us on Facebook to see some of our updated projects!


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